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Learn about MPI Coin in Five Simple Steps

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National Parks
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Penny Series
Presidential Collection
Presidential Collection
Presidential Collection
Presidential Collection
Presidential Collection
Several different products featuring all 56 unique coin designs from 2010-2021.
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Several different products featuring all 56 unique coin designs from 1999-2009.


Several different products featuring all 44 unique coin designs from 2007-2016. Everything from special interest coins and jewelry to greeting cards featuring coins. Several different products featuring 4 coin design.

Coins of America is about to embark on our most beautiful and educational series of products ever. Beginning in 2010, the U.S. Mint will issue quarters featuring national parks and other national sites. Approximately every 10 weeks you will see a new quarter design. We are taking the most treasured sites in America and focusing on their beauty and historical significance while providing a virtual tour alongside uniquely designed quarter dollars.

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The State Quarter Program was the U.S Mint's most successful and groundbreaking series of coins in history. 139 million people collected these coins. With every state, D.C. and Territory of the U.S. represented, every American has had a moment of pride and recognition.

Our products display uncirculated and prestine coins along with wonderful bits of education and elegance. You will be able to offer anything from keychains and neckalces to 2-coin collections to gold plated treasures.

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History is revisiting us, as the former Presidents of the United States
once again make their mark, gracing the face of a precedent-setting
series of $1 coins.

Beginning in 2007, the U.S. Mint is releasing four presidential coins annually in chronological order through the year 2017. We have further honored these greatest of leaders by pairing their coins with money clips, beautiful educational portfolios and more.

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The lasting value and durability of coins have made them an ideal way to commemorate events of all types. We have taken this to heart and offer a wide range of commemoratives to honor everything from the birth of a child, to baptism, hobbies, military service, heroes, graduations and more.

Like all of our products we understand that presentation and quality are important as you give gifts and preserve special memories. Many items we offer are fine silver to maximize the value of your item, yet others are made of attractive composites to ensure that there is something for everyone.

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In 2009 the U.S Mint is realeasing the first changes to the penny in 50 years. This 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincon's birth and the 100th anniversary of his first appearance on the penny mark exciting milesoness.

The designs on the 2009 pennies honor his lifef begining with his childhood days in Kentucky through his years as one of our greatest presidents. A national surge in demand for these coins has made our products especially unique and popular with all ages.

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Many Programs for Using the Products



MPI Voucher Program:
Creating leads and cross-selling opportunities

Nothing grabs attention like a free gift. Use the MPI Voucher Program to bring hundreds of fresh prospects in your doors.

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MPI Voucher Program

Custom Items: Made easy and just for you

If you wish to honor valued customers or employees, MPI provides a great selection of solutions. If you wish to add your message to one of the many unique products of MPI, perhaps a simple insert will do. Celebrating an anniversary or other milestone? Strike it in metal that will last a lifetime.

We have a wide variety of hassle-free ways to promote your specific brand.

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Custom Items

MPI Displays: Showing off has never been so easy

CoinsMPI knows that storage and display are important
factors when it comes to storing and securing any sort of inventory.

Whether setting up a single 20-pack of Quarter Collections, a solid wood lobby fixture or a tabletop acrylic jewelry display, MPI makes it easy. If you are using MPI products in your promotional or service strategy, a quality display is a perfect compliment.

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